Mentorship Needs in the Ontario Manufacturing Industry

This project will identify the necessary components for a high-quality mentorship program for workers in the Ontario manufacturing industry. Through review of existing mentorship programs, interviews with mentors and mentees, and a job analysis procedure for the mentor role, this research will assess the mentoring needs of manufacturing workers. The project will produce a task-based training guide for mentors so that they can most effectively engage with mentees in order to maximize recruitment and retention.

The Short- and Long-Term Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Ontario Manufacturers, Manufacturing Employees, and Supply Chains

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on Canada’s economy. More specifically, it has:
1) exposed deficiencies in supply chains, causing manufacturers to pivot production in order to improve the supply of essential goods (e.g.

Graduating from the Integrated Periphery: Turkey’s Attempt to Becomea “Core” Automotive Nation and Its Implications for Non-CoreAutomotive-Producing Countries like Canada

The automotive industry contributes significantly to the Canadian economy as well as to the economies of many other countries, providing substantial employment opportunities. In recent decades, the sector has gone through
significant restructuring with some countries like Canada unable to prevent declining employment and production figures. The general strategy of policymakers in Canada has been to provide incentives to firms that manufacture
or conduct R&D activities in the country, but this has not brought growth to the industry.

The Future of Ontario’s Manufacturing Workforce: A Roadmap to Assess Needs and Capabilities

The purpose of this research project is to better understand the human resource needs and capabilities of the advanced manufacturing sector in Ontario so as to support industry competitiveness and technological change. This research also contributes to labour market development for Ontario’s workforce through an analysis of training and educational providers and recruitment and retention approaches. This project is closely related to the Trillium Network for Advanced Manufacturing’s objective of raising awareness of Ontario’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem.