GPS/Wi-Fi/ MEMS Sensors Integration for Indoor Navigation

GPS, MEMS sensors and Wi-Fi are three main candidate technologies for pedestrian navigation. GPS cannot provide reliable pedestrian navigation indoors because the GPS signals are degraded in indoor environments. MEMS sensors provide accurate but relative positioning solution for short time periods of standalone usages because of MEMS sensors’ errors characteristics. Wi-Fi can provide absolute location information by using pre-existing wireless infrastructures. However, Wi-Fi positioning requires special radio maps databases which is labour intensive and time consuming.

Real-time embedded sensor and wireless technology for next generation mobile machine control devices

The intern will be working on enabling real-time navigation products for machine control applications. The real-time aspect of the project will help improve guidance and control systems for applications such as autonomous steering of precision agriculture tractors and combines. The intern will work to reduce the latencies of the navigation solution to the guidance actuation system. TPI is working with a machine control customer that will use this technology for autonomous steering control of machinery in North America, Europe and Russia.