Surfing the Innovation Wave: Accelerate Development of Eco-efficient Technologies for Municipal and Industrial Water Treatment

Global population growth, urbanization and changing climate patterns have increased the demand for potable water, wastewater reuse and value recovery from wastewater, treatment of industrial process water, and food and beverage. Consequently, there is increased demand for improved technologies that can provide sustainable treatment of water and wastewaters, and development of new fluid treatment methods.

Development of an advanced Control Strategy for chemical dosing in sewers

The process of chemical dosing in sewers for mitigating the effects of odor nuisance and corrosion needs a lot of improvement in terms of on-line control of the variable amount of buffered iron salt that needs to be applied for different operating conditions and different sewage flowrates. In order to achieve this goal, this project aims at developing a lab-scale sewer simulator which operates in a similar manner to sewage water networks.