Piloting and Evaluating a DTES Community Steward Program

Community stewardship is an emerging paradigm in income generation activities for marginalized populations. Drawing on residents with lived experience, stewardship creates employment through utilizing local-residents as custodians in parks, plazas and other public spaces. In order to fully develop these opportunities a common curriculum needs to be developed.

The Evaluation of Risk and Return for Community Impact Investments

The ‘Evaluating Risk and Return for Community Impact Investments’ projects seeks to engage one masters level student intern for one semester to work with the partners in designing a new evaluation tool or framework for the risk and return of community impact investments. The intern will gain an understanding of the investment policies and risk tools in place at the partnering organizations and will research how other organizations are evaluating the risk and return on impact investments. With this research, best practices will be summarized and an evaluation tool will be created.