A Systemization of Knowledge on the Dual Nature of Technology in Providing Support to Sexual Assault Survivors

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in sexual assault incidents. Research shows that when there are disasters and economic meltdowns, there is usually a spike in sexual assaults. The world is experiencing both a pandemic and economic downturn. With self-isolation, social distancing, and the stay-at-home orders, the use of technology to provide support to survivors is now more critical than ever before. However, the use of technology could be a double-edged sword. Using technology to support survivors could sometimes increase the risk for survivors.

Towards Developing Trust in Online Third-Party Reporting Systems for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Over 600,000 sexual assault happen in Canada every year, however, 95% of sexual assault go unreported. We are working towards building a research-based online third-party reporting system that will aid the reporting of sexual assault. Survivors will now have the opportunity to document their evidence and experiences and submit the report at their own convenience. VESTA is committed to building research backed technology that draws on the principles of building technology for good.