A Survey of Ergonomics Education Opportunities Available to Dental Hygienists in Ontario.

Dental hygienists (DH) are exposed to many potentially injurious physical demands, such as prolonged exposure to awkward neck, trunk, and shoulder postures. The prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in this group is alarmingly high (62-93%). DH would benefit from ergonomics-specific workplace safety education, but it is unknown what sort of instruction, if any, is currently offered within the DH curriculum or for continuing education credit. Evaluation of existing educational opportunities will be conducted using a web-based survey of DH across Ontario.

A Sense of Self: Examining the Relationship between Chinese Religion and Self-Identity

My project will be examining different aspects of Chinese popular religion, including online representations, physical landmarks, and firsthand accounts, and drawing connections between popular religion in China and the self- and community-identities of lay practitioners in Beijing. I will be visiting sites in Beijing, including St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Yonghe Gong, and Baiyun Guan, examining primary and secondary online sources for each of these sites, and conducting interviews with practitioners of these three religions, Christianity, Taoism, and Buddhism.

Control of point source low volume methane emission using methanobiofilterationtechnology Year Two

Methanobiofiltration (MBF) is a new technology for the treatment of waste methane gas using a biological process, thus contributing to the reduction of the environmental impacts of current energy technologies. The lack of a complete technology package needed for various industry sectors has hindered its large-scale application in Alberta.

Leacock Museum National Historic Site – Conservation Study

The research project will investigate and analyze a range of existing site and building conditions that may require upgrading and/or conservation at the existing Leacock Museum, former home of Canadian humourist, Stephen Leacock. The site is a National Historic Site, located in Orillia, Ontario. Research will be focused on: barrier free accessibility; exterior cladding; exterior historic woodwork condition; energy savings; and assessment of the site as a cultural heritage landscape.