AI Modelling for Chat-text and Biometric Data Collection and Analytics for a Cloud-based Medical Advising Platform

Your Doctors Online is an online smartphone-based application that allows registered patients to chat with experienced and board-certified doctors 24 hours and 7 days a week. Patients can chat, upload images or videos, and get immediate medical advice about a variety of health issues such as cold and flu, sexual health and dermatology avoiding the lengthy waiting period of a hospital or a clinic. Currently patients need to use their own devices to measure their biometric data and the doctors have to look up previous doctors’ notes to provide an informed advice.

Machine Learning for Increasing the Speed and Quality of Service in Online Medical Services

Telehealth/Telemedicine covers a variety of medical services offered through media such as telephone, email and the internet. As technology evolves, these online medical services can be further enhanced to improve the user experience. In this project, we aim to focus on a particular set-up where the patients interact with doctors over a chat service. The chat service employs a number of doctors with varying specialties, and at any time during a doctor’s work hour, he/she might interact with up to five patients concurrently.