The ARGO Analytics Engine

For producers of film and TV, extending a brand into the digital space can be a daunting enterprise. Estimating how successful a Twitter campaign or an Alternate Reality Game has been in fostering the proliferation and audience goodwill towards a TV or Film entity can be a frustratingly inscrutable endeavor. Even if a campaign seems to have been a critical success--the copious amounts of textual and statistical data at-hand can make it nearly impossible to find out what went right--less, what went wrong. ARGO seeks to solve this problem.

Visualizing Fan Trends

The objective of this research project is to insight trends and associations between fans of various entertainment properties, the entertainment industry and the media properties themselves. The intern will begin by analyzing data from various sources such as product sales reports, market growth rates as well as data previously collected by the company. Based on the data, key factors will be extracted and employed in the analysis. Existing visualization techniques will be tested and if necessary, new methods will be created to better interpret the data.

Zeros 2 Heroes Data Model: User Experience

The aim of this research is to design and implement a model of social currency in a networked community which is based on the stock and flow concepts most commonly associated with investment forecasting and user choice in an environment of scarcity. In other words, creating a system which can assist in predicting those things users would most be willing to put their actual money behind. This research is intended to ultimately assist developers of film, television etc.