Mitacs programs are open to both for-profit businesses and not-for-profit (NFP) organizations, such as industry associations, charitable organizations, and economic development organizations.

Please contact us to discuss the eligibility of an NFP organization. 

All projects in collaboration with an NFP partner must demonstrate an economic or productivity orientation.  Examples include creating new jobs, reducing costs of goods or services, or increasing productivity in a process or industry. 

Examples of eligible research projects include:

  • Examining the barriers to meaningful employment of blind Canadians
    • Anticipated research outcome: improved employment opportunities for an underemployed population
  • Creating themed video games and apps for a theatre festival
    • Anticipated research outcome: festival gains new audience and attendance is increased
  • Developing a pilot program that helps stroke victims return to work
    • Anticipated research outcome:  implementation of the program to facilitate shorter recovery times and a faster return to the workplace

Questions about eligibility? Contact a Mitacs representative.