Toronto Star: AI to help Toronto Zoo's residents, starting with the orangutans

Conservation of highly endangered species is a critically important issue in these days of climate and anthropogenic change.

Modern zoos, like the Toronto Zoo, are at the forefront of efforts to save species from extinction, and to ensure that animals in their care live enriched, healthy lives in species-typical environments.


Collaboration with biotech incubator creates jobs for researchers

For Toronto-based Dose Biosystems, a focus on researching and developing the next generation of probiotics brings a hiring challenge: finding and onboarding highly specialized talent. Coming directly from doctoral programs, new employees encounter an unfamiliar environment that requires new skills and different ways of working.

Canadian start-ups recognized with Mitacs’s Entrepreneur Awards

Vancouver, BC — Mitacs recognizes five up-and-coming researchers-turned-entrepreneurs for their groundbreaking innovations that are helping to propel Canada’s economy forward — and ultimately, improve the lives of Canadians — amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mitacs Entrepreneur Awards celebrate start-up companies founded by outstanding former Mitacs interns, postdoctoral fellows, and training participants, who have gone on to start their own businesses.

Turning the tide on groundwater contamination

Companies decide to start the mining of a particular uranium deposit based on many factors. One major consideration for mining is the presence of environmentally impactful elements such as arsenic, nickel, and cobalt by-products known as tailings and waste rock.