Bio Fermentation Process for High Performance Dyes Manufacturing

The dye and pigment industry is identified as one of the biggest pollutive and toxic industries. For instance, the textile dye industry is the second largest water polluter, producing 20% of the world's wastewater using 800,000 tones of synthetic dyes annually. Many of the dyes and chemicals used have been highlighted as causing irretrievable damage to the environment, health of workers and citizens near the facilities.
Lite-1 utilizes innovative technologies like synthetic biology and biofabrication in pursuit of a novel solution.

Growing Indigenous skincare company’s sales through online presence

When Indigenous-owned Maskwiomin — a start-up that produces a birch bark extract skincare product based on traditional Mi’kmaq teachings — needed assistance with marketing, it found a solution through Mitacs.

Balance Biogas: fueling the future, naturally

Balance Biogas is revolutionizing how we power our world. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking research, this Yukon-based company is transforming organic waste into a valuable resource. With support from Mitacs, Balance Biogas is spearheading efficient, clean, and renewable biogas production methods that are driving down greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a circular economy.

Analyzing watershed health to build a more resilient city

The City of Charlottetown, PEI, has partnered with Holland College to study the water quality and biodiversity of local watersheds. While data has been collected for over five years, analysis of trends over time had never been done — meaning the municipality and its partners were missing key information for critical management and planning. A Mitacs BSI intern has analyzed this information and provided recommendations for the city to enhance the biodiversity and ecological health of the life in its watershed.

Using gaming to change behaviour and make roads safer

Based in St. Albert, Alberta, Medidas Digital developed TrypScore, a mobile app that gathers and analyzes driver risk data and uses challenges, leaderboards, and incentives to nudge behavioural improvements.

EmersonGrow “Sun Box”

The objective of this project is to create a prototype of a portable External Universal Digital control device using existing technology from EmersonGrow EGX7, the first fully digital LED Grow light. This smart device enables users to control any compatible grow light digitally, including colour, intensity, create stages and light recipe, users can also upload, download and share with other growers worldwide. With the increased popularity and demand, we foresee that we will have increase in revenue and international growth with foreign purchases.

Atomic Cartoons internship helps undergrad follow her dreams

Many young artists dream of working in animation, bringing to life beloved characters that children all over the world watch every day. But following that dream is not as easy as it might seem.  Breaking into the world of animation requires connections to the industry that not every young artist possesses.

21-year-old Emily Carr University animation student Lia Fabre-Dimsdale wasn’t expecting to find a summer job opportunity working in an animation studio, despite her aspirations in the field.

Business Strategy Internship program once again connecting Canadian students and businesses

Vancouver, BC – Mitacs is pleased to announce that, for the second year in a row, the Business Strategy Internship (BSI) program is connecting students from academic institutions across the country with businesses as the post-COVID-19 economic recovery begins in earnest. 

Vancouver Sun: Animation internship offers chance to portray Indigenous life on screen

By Denise Ryan 

When Lia Fabre-Dimsdale, a member of the Liidlii Kue Frist Nation, landed an internship with Atomic Cartoons, the production company that creates the award-winning animated PBS Kids series Molly of Denali, she said it was a “dream opportunity.”


London Free Press: Ivey students reaching out to help COVID-clobbered local businesses

Some top-notch talent is helping London-area businesses better navigate the near-constant chaos and interruptions caused by COVID-19.

Students from Western University’s Ivey Business School are joining other business school interns across Canada to help employers manage and even expand their pandemic–ravaged businesses through a first-of-its-kind program backed by Vancouver-based Mitacs.