About the Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship

The Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship provides a long-term funding and internship option for master’s and PhD students. Recipients can also access professional development training that helps them ensure project success and gain in-demand career skills.

Interested applicants can apply for the Accelerate Fellowship at any time. All other Accelerate program guidelines apply.


  Master’s PhD
Project length 18 months
(1.5 years)
24 months
(2 years)
36 months
(3 years)
48 months
(4 years)

Internship Units (IU)
(6 months/IU)

3 IU
4 IU
6 IU
8 IU
Total research award $40,000 $53,333 $80,000 $106,666
Minimum intern stipend $30,000 ($20,000/year) $40,000 ($20,000/year) $60,000 ($20,000/year) $80,000

Partner organization contribution

$18,000 $24,000 $36,000 $48,000


Contact accelerate@mitacs.ca for more information.



The Accelerate Fellowship includes access to recommended professional development training for interns to maximize their learning and project efficacy.

Accelerate Fellowship training activities are centred on two themes:

  • Project planning and implementation
  • Strengthened communication and relationship building with partner

With each training activity, interns can develop skills, knowledge, and tools in alignment with the training themes. Because these skills are applicable to research projects, all participants will see improved results.

Training is nationally standardized and accessible across Canada through virtual coaching, webinars, online learning, and, in select cities, in-person workshops. Topics include:

Accelerate program orientation (online workshop)

  • Participants learn about program expectations, requirements, objectives, and key success tips, gaining the knowledge they need to maximize their research internship experience and meet any challenges

Managing project timelines (online workshop)

  • Participants gain time management skills to create and maintain short- and long-term project timelines

Communicating your research (online workshop)

  • Participants learn how to organize data, information, and key points and how to make them memorable

Writing strategic business reports/Writing effective emails (online workshops)

  • Participants develop the skills to effectively communicate key research results and recommendations, identify key messages, inform and shape aspects of the project, and strengthen engagement from team members and professors

Networking (online workshop)

  • Participants learn tips for actively building their personal and professional networks, identifying individuals in their networks, and using their internships to nurture and build key relationships