NEW! Mitacs is excited to share that we have entirely modernized our Elevate curriculum. These changes come as recommendations from an external review panel that called for an improved alignment of Mitacs’s professional development courses with our work-integrated learning opportunities.  

What is Elevate Training?  

The Elevate Training portfolio is an exclusive professional development curriculum that prepares Elevate fellows for success as leaders in research and industry.  

The Elevate Training curriculum is unique and informed by both experienced consultation groups and the Mitacs national community of academic researchers.  

Elevate Training is not a series of lectures. Programming leverages self-paced e-learning with courses that are highly collaborative and led by expert facilitators. The interactive and customized program helps fellows develop meaningful professional and academic networks across Canada. 

The curriculum targets five main pillars of competency:


After completing the Elevate Training program, fellows will be able to: 

  • Collaboratively plan a large, complex project
  • Assess and prioritize project risks
  • Evaluate and critique organizational cultures
  • Adopt leadership styles that adapt to the needs of the individuals being led
  • Develop approaches for managing progress on projects
  • Distinguish different approaches for managing crisis in teams
  • Develop strategies for effectively offering and receiving criticism
  • Generate a working environment that supports creativity and productivity

How does the training fit into the Elevate program schedule? 

Our curriculum offers a hybrid model of “bundled” courses, in which asynchronous requirements must be completed to register for the synchronous portion. 
For a one-year Elevate program:
Over the one-year period, fellows complete six hybrid courses beginning with an on-boarding session.
For a two-year Elevate program:
Over the two-year Elevate program, fellows complete nine hybrid courses beginning with an on-boarding session. 
Both the one-year and two-year Elevate programs conclude with a collaborative and highly interactive event where fellows can present their project results.


Fellows can access the Elevate curriculum on our learning management system, Edge.