All parties involved with the Mitacs Elevate program must comply with the policies of both the Canadian host university and Mitacs regarding the ethical conduct of research and scholarly activities.  Any issues or disputes around research or academic misconduct will be subject to the host university’s processes following their institutional policies.


Intellectual Property


All parties involved with the Mitacs Elevate program are bound by the intellectual property terms of the university where the fellow is appointed. Please see the links below to the intellectual property terms for the following universities:

For all other institutions, the Mitacs Elevate program’s policy is to take no position regarding the intellectual property created by the projects and fellowships that are funded.

Intellectual property is left to be shared between the university, its researchers, and the industry partner, according to the intellectual property rules of the host university, unless a separate agreement is negotiated between the university, its researchers, and the industry partner. Mitacs strongly recommends that any discussions pertaining to intellectual property and confidentiality – where relevant – be resolved prior to submitting the Mitacs Elevate proposal.

Conflict of Interest


The Mitacs Conflict of Interest Policy is in place to assist Mitacs program participants to recognize and disclose situations that may be open to question and to ensure that such situations are resolved appropriately.

Individuals involved with Mitacs and its programs, including members of the Board of Directors; members of the Mitacs Research Council; officers; employees; researchers; and interns are required to disclose any financial interest or position of influence, as described in Section 2.0 of the Conflict of Interest Policy, in any business in the same area of interest as Mitacs, other than that of their main employer.


Environmental Review Policy


Mitacs works to ensure that the research it supports promotes sustainable development and is conducted in a way that respects and protects the environment. Mitacs is committed to paying careful attention to environmental considerations in its decision to fund any research project. Ultimate responsibility for environmental considerations rests with the Mitacs Board of Directors which may, at its discretion, assign this duty to a subcommittee.

Click here for the Mitacs Environmental Review Policy.


Ethics and Research Integrity Policies


Mitacs wishes to promote and fund research that is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards for research involving human and animal subjects, as well as policies relating to undergraduate research, graduate studies, industry collaborations, and postdoctoral appointments.  

As a condition of funding, Mitacs requires that its researchers and participating universities apply the ethical principles and articles of these policies:

Mitacs Ethical Conduct Policy for Research Involving Human Subjects
Mitacs Ethical Conduct Policy for Research Involving Animal Subjects
Mitacs Policy on Research Integrity