Year 2 Renewal 


1. To continue Mitacs Elevate fellowship for Year 2, fellows are required to submit a request for renewal at least two (2) months before the end date of the Year 1 fellowship

2. A complete Renewal Application Package must include the following: 

  • The Elevate Fellowship Renewal Application completed and its memorandum (sections 5 and 6) signed by all parties
  • A letter, with letterhead and signature, from your partner organization stating their interest in continuing the fellowship and confirming their financial contribution in dollar amount 
  • Any supplementary documents (as applicable)

3. Please send the completed Renewal Application Package to elevate(at)

4. Please note that failure to submit a satisfactory report may result in a reduction or withdrawal of funding


Final Report 


1. Fellows must submit the final report no later than one month after the conclusion of the Elevate fellowship 

2. The final report must be written on this prepared template and should: 

  • Be no more than three pages in length
  • Summarize research goals, research techniques used, and research outcomes
  • Describe the fellow’s participation and experience in Mitacs-led professional development curriculum
  • Identify benefits for the partner organization
  • Identify future research plans 

3. Please send the completed final report to elevate(at)



Exit Survey 


1. All three fellowship participants: the fellow, the academic supervisor, and the designated contact at the partner organization must complete the exit survey within one month after the conclusion of the Elevate fellowship 

2. The invitation to complete exit survey will be sent to participants through email 

3. After the fellowship, once the fellow’s exit survey is completed and the fully signed final report is received to elevate(at), fellows will be able to access their certificate of completion on Mitacs EDGE 


Note: NSERC Form 300 or an equivalent Statement of Account must be completed by the fellow’s academic institution and signed by the academic supervisor who received the fellowship award. 


Have questions? Reach out to the Elevate Team