Who can participate?
Applicants must be Canadian citizens and permanent residents who hold a PhD in any discipline at the time of the fellowship. Citizenship eligibility may differ for individual host offices; this will be accommodated in the fellow and host matching process.

Do I need to have a secured postdoc position to apply?
No, the program is open to all PhD holders, including faculty affiliated with a Canadian university.

Can I apply to the fellowship if I am finishing my degree after the application deadline but before the fellowship starts?  
You are eligible to apply if all the requirements of your PhD are complete before September of the fellowship year. In certain cases, a successful fellow may negotiate a later start date with the host office if a thesis defense is scheduled in early September.   

Do I need to move to the physical location of my host office? 
Yes, Mitacs expects all successful fellows to move to the location of their host office during their fellowships.

Does Mitacs or the government host office cover the cost of my relocation?
No. Successful fellows must assume the cost of relocation.

Is it possible to start the fellowship in any other month besides September?
No. Mitacs requires that the fellowship cycle is conducted in a single cohort per year.

Are the professional training and networking events mandatory?
Yes. These opportunities are an integral element to the program and build on the hands-on learning of the host office activities.

How do I prepare a competitive application?  
Mitacs encourages applicants to read all sections of the CSPF web page to ensure an understanding of the program, eligibility requirements, and application process. Applicants should allow enough time to develop comprehensive, well-presented statements and other documents that are free of errors and typos. We suggest contacting references as early as possible so that they have time prepare thoughtful letters of reference. Any submitted documents or filled in text fields should not exceed the mandated page or word limit.  

How will I know that Mitacs has received my application?  
Applicants will receive an automated acknowledgement that their applications have been received.  The applications will undergo a comprehensive review process and those who have submitted an incomplete application will receive communication from Mitacs within approximately one week of the competition’s close in order to rectify any incomplete documentation or information.      

How does Mitacs evaluate my application?    
Each application is reviewed by multiple reviewers. Prospective fellows are evaluated based on points-based criteria and receive a final score. The adjudication process evaluates individuals based on research distinctions, leadership attributes, communication skills, and a commitment to the fellowship’s professional development opportunities and objectives. Candidates should show how the sum of their experiences and interests — research and otherwise — make them a good fit for the program.  

What happens if one or both of my letters of reference arrive late or do not arrive at all?  
All required documents must be submitted by the competition deadline. Applications with one or no letters of reference are incomplete and will not be considered for this round of fellowships.    

Can I reapply for a fellowship?  
Yes. Mitacs does not impose a limit on the number of times an eligible candidate may apply to the program. If you have not been selected as a fellow you may apply again in a subsequent application call.