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Refine your writing and presentation skills – Self-paced e-learning. Asynchronous course – 90 min 


Upon completion of this course, you are invited to self-enroll and participate in a facilitated session.  

Learning outcomes: 

  • Differentiate between public sector (academic) and private and not-for-profit sector written materials 
  • Write a business report 
  • Identify and create appropriate content tailored to the audience and purpose of a presentation 
  • Structure your presentation 
  • Convey appropriate verbal and non-verbal communications techniques 
  • Develop a pitch deck for your Elevate project 
  • Demonstrate refined writing skills appropriate for the purpose of the document and the audience for whom it is intended 


Framing your project in a masterful presentation – Facilitated session. Synchronous course – 120 min 



This facilitated session has the participants develop a pitch presentation for their group (10 min plus 5 min for Q&A). Feedback provided by group peers. 


Learners that have completed the asynchronous course “Refine your writing and presentation skills”.