3D foot motion Kinetyx Sensor Validation

For this project, the intern will be assessing the ability of the Kinetyx Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to measure 3-dimensional foot orientation and running gait metrics in real time. Measurements will be collected both in and outside of the laboratory setting, in order to establish measurement validity for a variety practical applications. The insole imbedded IMUs will be validated against the Vicon optical motion capture system as well as the Bertec force plate treadmill system within the laboratory. For overground testing, the Optojump sensor system will be used for comparison or stride metrics. A white paper will be produced for Kinetyx which will allow them to inform potential clientele on the specific capabilities, accuracy and validity of their sensor products in real time.

Daniel Geneau
Faculty Supervisor: 
Marc Klimstra
British Columbia
Partner University: