Accuracy Assessment of Optical Tracking for Orthopedic Robotic Surgical Tool

Highly accurate spatial measurement systems are among the enabling technologies that make image-guided surgery possible in modern operating theatres. We consider the problem of positional accuracy assessment for robotic surgical tool while using a multiple camera optical tracking system (OTS). Since the position of the surgical tool with respect to the bone is guided by tracking markers placed on the patient, to properly assess the surgical tool accuracy, the positional accuracy of the OTS must first be well understood. Since OTS assessment statistics from their manufacturers typically minimize underlying error distributions, it is essential to simulate specific surgical theatre usages to understand the actual error characteristics. In the proposed project, we conduct an accuracy assessment of the OTS used for the TNAV robotic surgical tool being developed by Think Surgical. TO BE CONT'D

Mandana Samiei
Faculty Supervisor: 
Thomas Fevens
Partner University: