Achieving Community-Based Data Sovereignty

The intern will work with Kwusen Research & Media, a consulting company based in Victoria, B.C., to conduct an assessment of Kwusen's research approaches and software. Kwusen works closely with Indigenous communities across western Canada to provide up-to-date and accurate information about their lands and resources, as well as any potential impacts to these resources as a foundation for free, prior, and informed consent. The intern will conduct informal interviews with Kwusen's clients to elicit feedback on Kwusen's research and software services. This project will provide Kwusen with an assessment of the efficacy of their work with Indigenous communities, as well as a better understanding of community needs. This project will also benefit the broader Canadian community by producing a publicly available peer-reviewed journal article that considers how these types of projects can support informed decision-making in the context of UNDRIP.

Sarah Raven
Faculty Supervisor: 
Susan Rowley
British Columbia
Partner University: