The Acquisition of Land for Community Benefit: Dynamics of Organizational Structure and Management

Union: Sustainable Development Co-operative (Union Co-operative) seeks to democratize city-building by empowering its members to collectively buy, upgrade, and manage commercial and residential properties to improve the environmental, social, and economic health of Waterloo Region. This project will support the evolution of the Co-operative’s model, the development of affordable housing for refugees, and create templates that can be implemented by other communities seeking to establish affordable rents and community control of property. COVID-19 highlights the critical importance of adequate and affordable housing for sheltering in place, and the need for additional capacity to welcome refugees as the United Nation predicts increased global instability.
The research will utilize document analysis, interviews, focus groups, and facilitated design sessions.

Kirsten Wright;Sean Campbell;Tatianna Brierley
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sean Geobey;Anthony Piscitelli;Olaf Weber
Partner University: