An Activity Theory-Based Project Management Tool For Agile

This project will apply the theoretical framework of Activity Theory to Agile product development methods in order to decompose them into salient components, using an integrative literature review of Agile methodologies to do so. This decomposition will then be used to adapt the open-source education management/planning software CourseFlow for use in Agile development. This software has been designed with Activity Theory in mind, viewing different levels of education (lesson, course, curriculum) as interconnected and nested activities. By doing the same for Agile product development, more can be learned about both the theoretical underpinnings of Agile development and possible novel approaches to education. The adoption of the new software by the partner organization will then be documented as a case study to determine the validity of the framework, as well as to further refine the model. The partner organization will benefit in gaining product development software optimized for their needs.

Jeremie Choquette
Faculty Supervisor: 
Richard Schmid
Partner University: