Adsorption of tannins on copper surface

Tannins, natural renewable molecules, have exhibited excellent corrosion inhibition properties, comparable to those of non-renewable counterparts. TGWT Clean Technologies Inc. has a portfolio of tannin-based corrosion inhibitors, which are being used in industry to protect mild steel (MS) steam boilers, high efficiency condensing aluminium boilers, as well as multi-metal heating and cooling closed-loop systems. Copper equipment is ubiquitous in industry, e.g. heat exchangers. Industrial case studies have shown that green tannin blends perform efficiently on copper corrosion inhibition, based on copper coupons exposed to industrial waters for about 210 days. However, the exact mechanism by which tannins protect copper hasn’t been studied.
In this work, the adsorption of tannins on copper surfaces will be studied using different methods. The effect of copper ions concentration (0-50 ppm), pH (from 7 to 10), and ionic strength (0-20 mM) will be investigated.

Ryan Maliska
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nathalie Tufenkji
Partner University: