Adult Third Culture Kids’ (ATCK) Concept of Belonging and Identity Creation: Can Spiritual Self-Leadership be a Solution?

Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) are adults who have been shaped by their mobility and cross-cultural experiences as a result of spending a significant part of their developmental years in a country other than their passport country. Although these experiences have provided ATCKs with valuable characteristics and skillsets, ATCKs struggle with identity creation and a sense of belonging which can detract from their development, both personally and professionally. This study will explore the impact of inner life and spiritual self-leadership by investigating the question “How can spiritual self-leadership encourage identity development and sense of belonging in ATCKs in order for them to fully realize their potential and value contribution in the workplace?” Although this proposed research focusses on ATCKs, the impact could be felt by other demographics who have had similar experiences, such as immigrants, second generation immigrants, expatriates, and bi/multi-cultural adults.

Shelly Lyons
Faculty Supervisor: 
Carolin Rekar Munro
British Columbia
Partner University: