Advanced Algorithms for Radiation Counting Instruments

Environmental Instruments Canada (EIC) designs and manufactures radiation detectors. Our instruments connect to iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. This allows us to run more math intensive processes than would be practical on an embedded microprocessor and it allows us to extract more information from the same data.
However, as we manipulate the data to extract as much information as possible, the question arises if the results we are seeing are real or if they are artifacts of the algorithms used, combined with random errors caused by counting statistics, as well as other sources of error.
This Internship will develop and implement the algorithms required to ensure our results are real and not due to these artifacts. We will also optimize our algorithms to minimize the errors and maximize the amount of information gained from finite data.

Yue (Cassie) Zhang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Xiaoping Shi
British Columbia
Partner University: