Advanced Analytics Initiative

Mental health issues affect a large percentage of the military population. The HERE4U Military Version will be an instant messaging smartphone application to connect military family members (adults only) who are dealing with mental health problems to a mental health counseling solution that uses the IBM Watson cognitive platform. Being able to engage with Watson in a secure, private and anonymous manner will encourage military personnel to reach out for help where they might not have in the past to obtain timely advice. Watson will engage with the client to identify a presenting problem and when clinically serious, triage to a counselor for guidance and referral. Otherwise, Watson will carry on a conversation with the client, giving advice, referring to mental health resources, including self-help materials, as appropriate. TO BE CONT'D

Sherain Harricharan
Niventhini Indrajith
Janine Thome
Braeden Terpou
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ruth Lanius
Farhana Zulkernine
Partner University: