Advanced Composite Materials to Rehabilitate Concrete Structures

This postdoctoral study is an experimental investigation on the bond behaviour of externally-bonded (EB) fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) L-shaped FRP plates to the concrete substrate. This study will be the foundation of an upcoming comprehensive study on rehabilitation of reinforced-concrete (RC) beams with L-shaped FRP plates and end-anchored FRP fabrics. Recently, EB FRP composites are increasingly used to strengthen existing RC structures. However, de-bonding of FRP fabrics or plates is still a major issue. Previous studies revealed that EB L-shaped FRP plate method in an effective method to prevent de-boning of FRP for RC beams strengthened in shear. However, this strengthening method remains insufficiently documented. The industrial partner of this study (Sika) is a leading producer and supplier of structural FRP composites and bonding products worldwide. The results of this study will benefit Sika with improving the mentioned products' structural efficiency by increasing design capacity of the FRP materials using anchorage systems.

Amir Mofidi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Yixin Shao
Project Year: