Advanced Data Science Research for Social Good II

Municipal governments and urban centres across Canada are being inundated with data—data that have potential to improve public service. Despite this, local governments do not have enough data expertise to extract insight from these overwhelming datasets. Simultaneously, high-quality personnel (HQP) in the domains of data science and urban analytics lack opportunities to work closely with local government to address this gap. Thus, the “Data Science for Social Good” program at the University of British Columbia seeks to mentor and train HQP to solve data intensive, high-priority urban research projects identified by local government. These projects aim to adapt and advance existing data science tools to assess the quality of existing municipal data sets, inform the design of new datasets, and extract actionable insight on topics such as transportation, education, public safety, and economic development. TO BE CONT'D

Cody Griffith
Hyeongcheol Park
Jianxin Zhu
Nimrah Anwar
Nilgoon Zarei
Faculty Supervisor: 
Raymond Ng
British Columbia
Partner University: