Advanced design of an inverter for a new application in a telecom dc microgrid

Rapid growth of renewable energy generation and DC loads as electric vehicles and consumer electronics results in the proliferation of DC microgrids. DC microgrids are small electrical grids where energy sources and loads are connected to a main energy distribution power line using power converters. A particular example of the use of DC microgrids can be found in the telecommunications infrastructure, which constantly evolves and expands incorporating new applications.
The emergence of new applications requires to re-design the current power converters’ technology, and sometimes boosts the application of novel techniques, in order to fulfill with the new requirements.
In this project a prototype of a of a particular power converter for an original application in a telecom dc microgrid will be designed and developed. The project will require to address a number of critical points, such as understanding the new specifications, and dealing with a number of new design challenges.

Marco Bianchi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Martin Ordonez
British Columbia
Partner University: