Advanced Hybrid Solid-State Lithium(-ion) Batteries for Electric Vehicle Applications

As the dominating power supplies for current electric vehicles (EVs), the state-of-the-art LIBs are yet sulfuring from severe challenges in terms of safety, lifespan, and energy density due to the adoption of liquid electrolytes (LEs). Accordingly, developing next generation solid-state lithium(-ion) batteries (SSLBs) is considered to be a feasible approach to achieve safe and high energy density power supplies for future EVs with long driving distance and short charging time. This project will aim at developing innovative hybrid solid-state Li(-ion)batteries (HSSLBs) based on hybrid/composite solid-state electrolytes (SSEs). To realize high performance HSSLBs, many scientific and technological interface challenges are urgently required to be addressed. TO BE CONT'D

Qian Sun
Faculty Supervisor: 
Xueliang Sun
Partner University: