Advanced investigation of amphoteric reagent-based cyclization of peptides

Encycle Therapeutics is a Toronto-based company that develops new therapeutics for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Our competitive edge derives from a platform technology that allows for the more efficient synthesis of macrocycle- (ringlike peptides) based therapeutics. This platform involves a proprietary reagent called aziridine aldehyde. This new technique has demonstrated significant potential for the synthesis of macrocycles, however the full utility and versatility as it applies to the development of drug-like compounds has not been fully researched. The proposed Mitacs internship will allow a skilled synthetic organic chemist, Dr. Sai Kumar Chakka, who is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Andrei Yudin at the University of Toronto, to closely investigate the synthetic method over an eight month period. This work will allow the company to better apply its technology, and therefore create better therapeutics, faster, which can significantly enhance the quality of life for sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease, lupus and other illneses. It will also better position the company to attract strategic partnership with full-scale pharmaceutical companies and investment from foreign venture capitalists.

Sai Kumar Chakka
Faculty Supervisor: 
Andrei Yudin
Project Year: