Advancing Fisheries Adaptation to Climate Change in Canada

Climate change is rearranging the distribution of ocean life and threatening the viability of world-wild fisheries that people depend on for food, income and well-being. While ample evidence shows the impacts of climate change on fisheries, Canada is lagging behind in developing the science and solutions needed to help Canadian fisheries be more responsive and resilient. This Mitacs intern will develop and pilot-test a scientifically rigorous qualitative framework to assess the degree to which Canada’s commercial fisheries management is responsive and resilient to climate change. In addition, the post-doc will develop a series of workshops to share the resulting assessment framework with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) managers with the goal to improve its applicability and potential uptake and use by the department. These outcomes will provide a key knowledge foundation to enable fisheries management and researchers in Canada to further discuss, develop and implement fishery and management adaptation actions and solutions.

Nicolás Talloni-Álvarez
Faculty Supervisor: 
Natalie Ban
British Columbia
Partner University: