The Affect of Fun on the Adoption of Micromobility

This research project aims to understand what factors are driving the increased usage of shared micromobility vehicles – primarily escooters – in city centres. In particular, this research seeks to understand the notion of fun as it influences how people chose to get around within a city. The findings of this inquiry will help cities understand and in turn be better prepared in planning for and in incorporating new modes into transportation strategies. Ultimately, this research intends to help cities become more integrated and better equipped to meet demands around sustainability, congestion, affordability and increased population density. In partnering with Onpoint Strategic Group to complete this research project, the results will help them remain relevant and provide new avenues of revenue in their focus on disruptive technology.

Karly Nygaard-Petersen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ingrid Kajzer-Mitchell
British Columbia
Partner University: