AI-enabled Digital Twins for Automation of Regulatory Systems in the Built Environment

This research project will address the challenges in developing, implementing, and using digital twins for regulatory agencies. The work is divided into two streams. The first investigates the technical challenges that regulatory agencies face in creating of digital twins, including reviewing the development approval processes, encoding codes, bylaws, and other regulations, developing a BIM standard for regulatory compliance; and integrating BIM and GIS. The second stream identifies the economic, environmental, and social challenges that can be addressed by using digital twins. Including the visualization of land and building investment, predictions for affordable housing needs, development of a sustainable cities framework, and aiding in municipal operations. This work will be conducted in coordination with regulatory agencies at both the municipal and regional government (including planners, building officials, development staff), conservation authorities, and industry experts in the respective sub-project domains, such as BIM, GIS, real estate, and home builders.

Mark Whitell;Nady Dadmehr;Amir Aminshokravi;Zahra Pourfakhar;Saman Davari
Faculty Supervisor: 
Stephen Fai;David Amborski;Érik Andrew Poirier;Sheryl Staub-French
Partner University: