AI Global Manager for AV-Over-IP Network

As digital communication and big data needs increase in a variety of different fields including education, healthcare, business, public areas, and mission-critical operations, organizations need more efficient and effective ways to distribute and display content. Audio-Visual (AV) over Internet Protocol (IP) provides an innovative solution to provide users with enhanced content in real-time. However, AV-over-IP technology can be very taxing on the network.
This project aims to develop a new set of intelligent network management tools that could help with the simulation, management, and ongoing monitoring of next-generation data/AV/IOT networks by leveraging machine learning and AI. This AI-based toolkit will act as an AI Global Manager which considers the integrity of the entire network as a whole and the potential impact of AV services on all nodes. This set of tools would assist organizations in the management of hybrid environments with data and visual services.

Sepideh Afshar;Ali Mollaahmadi Dehaghi;Tariq Al Shoura
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mohammad Moshirpour
Partner University: