All-solid-state Metal/covalent Organic Framework Electrolytes for High-energy Density Lithium-metal Batteries

The widespread deployment of portable electronics, electric vehicles and renewable energy calls for high-performance energy storage devices. lithium-metal batteries (LMBs) have triggered tremendous research interests due to the exceptional theoretical specific capacity (3860 mAh g-1) and lowest standard potential (-3.04 V versus standard hydrogen electrode). The main challenges in LMBs are serious safety issues and Li dendrite formation.In this project, we present two different types of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) derived all-solid-state electrolytes (ASSEs) with abundant lithium-ion transport channels to efficiently mitigate abovementioned challenges. This project will be executed by Dou Haozhen under the instruction and supervision of University of Waterloo (Pro. Michael Fowler) and Saint Jean Carbon Inc. (partner organization) from January 2022 to January 2023. In this project, the top-down and bottom-up fabrication methods of ASSEs, chemical or physical strategies of electrolyte structure manipulation, as well as structure-performances relationships for the development of ASSEs will be obtained. This project also gains deep insights of the ion conductivity mechanism of ASSEs, the surface chemistry, interface engineering, electrochemistry of lithium metal anode, which will offer genuine guidance for designing creative ASSEs for next-generation batteries and will accelerate the research and industrialization of all-solid-state lithium metal battery.

Haozhen Dou
Faculty Supervisor: 
Michael Fowler
Partner University: