Alloy and process optimization for improved mechanical properties in age-hardenable and work-hardenable Al sheet manufactured via a new production process termed thin strip casting, TSC

Conventionally, structural Al sheets are produced via casting thick ingots using Direct Chill (DC) technique, followed by an energy-intensive reduction procedure to the final thickness. A new production process developed by CASTechnology, termed Thin Strip Casting (TSC) technique, can directly output thin sheets, thus reducing the cost as well as the carbon foot print associated with the sheet production. The fundamental differences in the TSC vs. DC processing routes, however, impose a widely different metallurgical response in the sheet material, which may drastically affect the optimized processing conditions (e.g., rolling/heat-treating sequences and individual conditions) and thus the final mechanical properties. The proposed internship projects aim at establishing a relationship between the alloy/process conditions and the evolution of mechanical/performance properties of various age-hardenable and work-hardenable Al alloys. A comprehensive alloy/process design can potentially lead to manufacturing cost-effective Al sheets with superior mechanical properties to conventional DC counterparts.

Shengze Yin;Hesam Pouraliakbar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Vahid Fallah
Partner University: