Analysis of the economic, environmental and social implications of energy storage

In order to assist the successful implementation of the Alberta Climate Leadership Plan (ACLP), a study aimed at the viability of energy storage technology will be conducted. The ACLP has set forth plans to completely phase out coal power generation, and achieve 30 percent renewable power by 2030. This new, made in Alberta, energy plan is aligned with the goals and beliefs of EQUS. As a leader in environmental stewardship, many of EQUS’s cooperative members are early adapters of renewable energy generation. The question that will be thoroughly investigated is the following: To what extent would the implementation of energy storage technology benefit rural energy consumers? A full analysis of the economic, environmental and social implications of various energy storage technologies will be analysed. Specifically, financial/environmental payback to cooperative members for both on grid and off grid applications will be determined.

Chris Henry
Faculty Supervisor: 
Irene Herremans
Partner University: