Analysis of ore texture and relation to processing performance

The project consists in devising a method to quantitatively describe textural features of ores; these features may include mineral composition, grain size and shape, spatial distribution, etc. Equally important is relating these features to the performance observed when processing the ores. The foreseen deliverable is a tool to predict ore processing performance. The scale of investigation is set at the rock and drill core size such that the performance prediction can be issued as early as possible in the ore dressing process. Such information will add definite value to the mine’s database and increase the understanding of the ore body and will greatly aid mine operators in the planning of mine exploitation and ore processing. The project will comprise three phases: a proof of concept, the implementation of a “texture tool” and a field trial on a mine site/

Laura Perez-Barnuevo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Claude Bazin
Project Year: