Anti-Inflammatory and Immunomodulatory role of Protein Hydrolysates: Involvement of microRNAs and Gut Microbiome

Studies related to the gut-lung axis have spiraled in the recent year, especially with current challenges related to COVID-19. The role of an optimal microbiome status for a well-functioning immune system is now emerging as a crucial factor to protect against immune-deregulation and infection in sites distant from the intestine. Therefore, this project aims to study the potential role of microbiota-driven immune changes in the gut-lung axis by administration of egg protein hydrolysates from eggshell membranes. The main objective of the project is to better characterize the immunomodulatory and protective effect of eggshell protein hydrolysates on modulating immunoprotective effects and preventing injury caused by inflammatory insult in the gut and the lung. We will perform studies by using animal exposed to inflammatory and immune challenge. The effects of the hydrolysates on preventing acute and long-term consequences of disruption in immune system response will be assessed on immune parameters in intestine and lung levels, gut microbiota, and epigenetic regulation. The hydrolysates from eggshell is derived from agriculture waste in Canada. Egg farmers could indirectly benefit from it by increasing awareness of the health benefits that could be attributable to this waste product with potential applications as immune-supporting nutritional supplement.

Nawal Alsadi;Hamed Yasavoli-Sharahi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Chantal Matar
Partner University: