Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Skin Cancer Imaging, Screening, and Diagnosis

This project involves the research and development of a new skin examination system for Elucid Labs Inc. (Elucid) to add to its imaging and diagnostic capabilities in the area of skin cancer, disease, and conditions. Elucid is building a comprehensive system that identifies and tracks a patients’ moles to perform screening and risk assessment. Moreover, Elucid will be developing a multimodal microscopy system that may prove to be useful in streamlining the histopathology process pertaining to skin biopsies. The overall goal of this project is to provide a comprehensive system that can provide timely information to a specialist or a family physician in a consistent and easy manner without subjectivity.

Helmut Neher
Iman Khodadad
Farnoud Kazemzadeh
Faculty Supervisor: 
David Clausi
Project Year: