Applying Machine Learning to Human Motion & Musculoskeletal Health: Predicting ACL Injury & Recovery from Monocular Video

Active people, and young athletes in particular, are at high risk of tearing the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) with 200,000/year occurring in the United States. However, current effective methods to assess functional test performance are onerous, lengthy (~1hr), complex and costly. Curv Labs is a Canadian start-up that leverages computer vision and artificial intelligence to help assess, identify, and manage musculoskeletal performance and problems, and does so, using only simple video, such as that taken from a mobile device. Curv Labs transforms the camera on any mobile device into a diagnostic tool to accurately assessment movement-related metrics. The gap in the literature this research will address, is whether a system, such as Curv labs, can accurately and viably conduct musculoskeletal assessments via simple video.

Shea Balish
Faculty Supervisor: 
Cheryl Kozey
Nova Scotia
Partner University: