Aquracy – enhanced vector magnetometer precision through quantum pulse sequences

Magnetometers have been used for decades for exploration in mining, navigation and defence and security.
However, high accuracy sensors often provide only the amplitude of magnetic fields, severely limiting the extent
of magnetic interpretations. A novel type of quantum magnetometers based on Nitrogen Vacancy centers in
diamond promise enhanced sensitivity and accuracy, while providing the vector magnetic field, which can be used
to tailor specialized algorithms to enhance the relevance of magnetic measurements. However, its accuracy is
limited by the requirement to use bias magnets for vectorial operation, which are prone to drift.
Aquracy aims to implement and demonstrate a scheme exploiting microwave pulse sequences to extract the
vector magnetic field even without magnets. Pulse sequences will be implemented in the portable diamond
magnetometer and on optical lab setups to benchmark its efficiency. Tradeoffs of the approach on the sensitivity
and bandwidth will be evaluated with specialized magnetic equipment.

Adrian Solyom
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lilian Childress
Partner University: