Architectural and Design Modelling for Blockchain-Intensive Systems

Blockchain technologies are increasingly becoming integral parts of information systems in domains that exhibit an increased need for resilience and can make no assumption of trust between parties. However, properly adopting blockchain in an information system design remains difficult, unsystematic and requires thorough understanding of the technology. In this project we explore ways by which traditional model-driven architecting and design techniques can be augmented to support incorporation of blockchain components. We do so by iteratively devising designs for a real world case in the crop supply chain domain and focus on the aspects of the process and the artifacts that are most affected by the inclusion of a blockchain component. This way we hope to acquire knowledge that can form the basis for the development of design patterns, language extensions and architectural decision support tools useful for systematic incorporation of blockchain technologies to information systems.

Eli Yakubov
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sotirios Liaskos
Partner University: