Artificial albumin corona on cationic peptide/siRNA nanocomplex for safe and potent siRNA delivery

The development of siRNA therapeutics has experienced many ups and downs since its discovery in 1998. Twenty years later, the first RNAi therapy OnpattroTM was approved for clinical use by the US FDA, which motivates pharma industries to make continuous efforts to explore siRNA therapies. In this project, we aimed to develop state-of-the-art vectors for successful siRNA delivery in cancer treatments. From the perspectives of enhancing stability, safety, and efficacy, we will engineer peptide-based nanocomplexes camouflaged with artificial biomimetic albumin corona to overcome the multiple obstacles in siRNA delivery. In this work, profound research about the biological responses of the nanocomplexes will be pursued regarding their interactions with biomolecules, cells, and targeted tissues to achieve practical breakthroughs and accelerate clinical translation of RNAi therapies. Deliverables of this research would enable the partner organization to develop biological products and lab equipment, thereby increasing the company’s profits.

Jun Wang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Pu Chen
Partner University: