Assessing the Effectiveness of Knewton's Adaptive Learning Technology

The goal of the project is to evaluate the pedagogical impact of Pearson’s Knewton-enhanced MyLab products in comparison to their regular MyLab products. Our focus will be on Knewton-enhanced MyMathLab and MyStatsLab. This project will deploy Knewton’s adaptive learning technology in our Data Analysis in Psychology course, a course dominated by second year students (approximately 90%). The course is a requirement for all Psychology students and offered every Fall semester. The assessment will occur in Fall 2013 and will provide data from over 300 students. The course has no prerequisites and attracts students with a wide range of academic proficiency and prior mastery. The course combines lectures with tutorials intended to give students hands-on experience with problems in the presence of an experienced teaching assistant. Via our webOption delivery model, the professor is videotaped as he lectures and the videos are posted online the same day. Students can either attend lectures traditionally or watch them online. This is not the same as “flipping” the class; rather it provides flexibility to students while allowing a single professor to teach even larger class within a single section.

Cho Kin (Tim) Cheng
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Steve Joordens
Project Year: