Assessing the Effectiveness of Knewton's Adaptive Learning Technology Year Two

I will be involved in two different projects with Pearson Education, 1) evaluate Knewton’s adaptive learningtechnology, and 2) assess the efficacy and improve the quality of the existing assessment tools and items. My proposalwill focus on the first project.The goal of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness and pedagogical values of Knewton’s adaptive learningtechnology, a technology meant to differentially help students depending on their needs. Students in a psychologystatistics course will either be given access to the Knewton-enhanced MyMathLab and MyStatsLab or their regularcounterparts. We will compare performance, experience, perception, and satisfaction across these groups.There is an implementation cost associated with integrating Knewton’s adaptive learning technology into the onlineMyLab tool for each textbook. A comprehensive evaluation of the technology will allow Pearson to make informeddecisions in terms of the strategic adoption plan of Knewton for their textbooks.

Cho Kin (Tim) Cheng
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Steve Joordens
Project Year: