Assessing Quality of Life for Canadians with Mobility-Limiting Disabilities through use of Emitto Technology: Creation of Implementation and Knowledge Translation Frameworks

Many people in Canada are aging and/or may be living with a disability. These people often have to rely on caregivers, and are limited in what they can do independently. Novalte has developed a SMART technology system that connects to WiFi devices in the home to allow someone living with a disability more independence and control over their home and space. This project will involve creating implementation and knowledge translation frameworks to support a larger research project on the system and help in its rollout to a larger number of users. This will help the company provide information to health authorities and potential funders and users to show that their device helps users and their caregivers life healthier, happier lives.

Naomi Vera Zingman-Daniels
Faculty Supervisor: 
Joseph Ferenbok
Partner University: