Assessing team functional state in emergency response

The need for better measurement of emergency response teams has been recognized as one of the key challenges that characterize the field of team work studies. Ideally, when assessing team performance, one should combine information about the nature of the team (e.g., what is the team structure?) and about its members (e.g., is one of the member exhausted?). This challenge is particularly hard to address in the context of emergency response, due to the inherent complexity and dynamism of the domain. For instance, how do you assess team member’s level of fatigue when deployed in the field? How do you integrate this information at higher level in order to assess team performance? The objective of the project is to develop and implement a model capable of online assessment of the capacity of the team to carry out its tasks. A better team assessment could, for instance, help organizations develop better training procedures or adapt resources allocation in real operational contexts.

Jean-François Gagnon
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sebastien Tremblay
Project Year: