AttentionTrip: a gamified tool for measuring the networks of attention

Attention is an important part of everyday functioning. We use it to interact with the world around us and take in new information. ‘AttentionTrip’ is a sophisticated tool that allows clinicians and researchers to measure the different components of attention, while it feels like you are playing a videogame. With this tool, we can see how attention changes across age groups, and in the future how it may differ in clinical populations, like people with autism or ADHD. It also allows us to see if treatments being provided to people with attention-issues are actually working. In order to best apply this tool, we need to find out what the average attention score is with as many age groups as we can. So, we will be testing people from six to 80 years old with AttentionTrip and averaging their scores, so that we have a baseline to make comparisons.

Colin McCormick
Faculty Supervisor: 
Raymond Klein
Nova Scotia
Partner University: